Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Work-Place Notes: 1

9:30 am
Enthusiastic Twenty Year Old Payyan: My akka is just back from USA. She was in Florida, she has got chocolates. I will open it later.
Me: Huh
10:30 am
Me: (To nobody in particular) I am hungry
Enthusiastic Twenty Year Old Payyan: My akka is back from Florida, I will be opening chocolates later.
Me: Grrr
So on..
At 1:30 pm, Chocolates are revealed – Ta-Da - BOUNTY
Enthusiastic Twenty Year Old Payyan: Don’t you love Bounty?
Me: (Idukku poyi ivlo scene aa?! The lovely Murugan Stores stocks ample numbers of it) I don’t like Bounty. It is too coconut(y).
Enthusiastic Twenty Year Old Payyan: Bounty is the best, it is just like kozhakatai. My akka always buys it for me.
Me: Aiyyoo.


Overzealous Colleague: Your brother is in Texas? Even my brother is there, studying at A&M University. He is into Advanced Mathematics.
Me: Ummm, how nice.
Overzealous Colleague: So where all in USA have you visited?
Me: Umm, I have never gone to any place North of Bangalore.
Overzealous Colleague: Bangalore is not in the North.
Me: See, I am from Tirunelveli. Even Madras is North for me. So...
Overzealous Colleague: You need to see the world, you know. Paavam nee.


Overzealous Colleague 2: You don’t look like a Tamilian.
Me: In what way, please explain.
Overzealous Colleague 2: I don’t mean to offend you. Just that you don’t look like an Iyer.
Me: You know Tamizh > Iyer (applause)
Overzealous Colleague 2: That is not what I meant. You look like an Iyengaar.
Me: Ah, right!
Overzealous Colleague 2: I mean, I am an Iyengaar too.
Me: Of course. Amma tells me, it is Tamaraparani River that makes people from Tirunelveli look non Iyer.
Overzealous Colleague 2: Okay. I hope you are not offended. I only meant. Just. Nothing.
Me: Free aa vidu. (Tirunelveli ke Alwaa aa, Dhatt!)

I so fit in here, I mean you can run, deny and what not - but never hide. I am lovin’ it.

I shall wait for twenty-year old to grow up.


Anonymous said...

This is what one calls Tamizh Iyer Penn Attitude.

You are too dry,i think u need to get laid..he he Free aa vidu.. Free yaaru?

Toxi said...

Mad only you are!

Million $ Question said...

How do you folks (working for the 'paper) pronounce "The Hindu"?

Is it the South Indian way (rhyming with mandu, Tamil for idiot) or the North Indian (rhyming with marundhu, Tamil for medicine)?

Always been curious.

Asal Tamil Penn said...

Neither actually.

People who read it pronounce it as – The Indu or sometimes as The InDoo, addavadu the bright drop that lights up their lives.

The ones, who work here, call it – The Hindhu in manner of Sindhu.
Sindhu nadhi karai ooram
Andhi neram
Endhan Devan paadinan
Tamizh geetham paadinan
Ennai poovai pola soodinan

Aiiyyo, Raaja and TMS.

Anonymous said...

Hindu seems to have left a Times of India (Naidu Hall et al) in their midst.

Hope they turn sexier! ;)

Kadambari said...

Since when did you turn into a Kannadasan fan?

Asal Tamil Penn said...

Enna ma sollarai? I always had special fondness for poetry writing Tamizh Boys!

Anonymous said...

ATP, andha Raja mention-la oru 15 feet uyarndhuttama. Eppadi Raja fan? Un profileku Rahman fan-aa irukkanume?

gus said...

Nice blog..You stay in and around R A Puram chennai ?? With a reference to murugan stores hinting it..Nways nice flow of thoughts..:)