Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Naidu Hall

Important Boss Person: Naidu Hall is now split and one of it is called Nai Ha.
Me: Oh dear. Why?
Important Boss Person: They just removed ‘dull’ from it.
Me: Uh huh.
(Note to Self: When boss cracks lame jokes, learn to laugh violently)

Amma is orrey upset. Naidu Hall family has fought with each other, she says. Just like Whatizname Ambani versus Whatizname Ambani. The Pondy Bazaar store has been divided right in the middle.

Which Hall to go to, amma wails.

Naidu Hall, the store that traditionally sold under-garments and blouses at some point got hip and began to retail all items hi-fashion. It was essential to every woman’s fashion needs. Dubai Atthai used to say that its reison d’etre was that it stocked bras and blouses in all sizes, thus empowering well-endowed Tamizh women.

Sad only this is. Madras, T Nagar and Pondy Bazar shall never be the same again.


Anonymous said...

Dubai Atthai used to say that its reison d’etre was that it stocked bras and blouses in all sizes, thus empowering well-endowed Tamizh women.

The above sentence was deliberate attempt to increase the comments. You are sick

Toxi said...

Boss is most impressed actually! :D

avataram said...

Well endowed women, thamizh or otherwise have always attracted comment. So have their bras and blouses. Much before blogs, even the internet.

The earliest I remember is in Abhijnanashakuntalam, where Shakuntala complains that her bodice is hurting her, and her friend reminds her it is spring.

The amar chitra katha, Kadambari, is the highest selling ACK of all time, for the same reason.

anantha said...

Avataram: Interesting! What is the relation between spring and the hurting bodice? The dialoque sounds Seinfeld-esque actually.

theothernilu said...

Spring must have some impact on water retention in breasts. Causing them to swell. Which is why Shakuntala found her bodice rather tight. Thereafter, she flung it on a punjabi man. Which is why, after that, the Punjabi Men all became Bra-ji.

Kadambari said...

Adavadu Bras are a Punjabi male thing!!!

Asal Tamil Penn said...

Aiyyo. Punjabi aa?
Ellorum engayo poyitail.

Mark IV said...

bras are defnly a punjabi male thing... they eat roti and etiquette requires big body...

and either way it is not a tamil male thing... it is a tamil keel thing!!!

(*applauds at self made crack of the year. shuts up suddenly to maintain self respect*)

avataram said...

In the late 60s when my Thatha, Brahmeboodha Suryanarayana Iyer was visiting from Trichy, he expressed a desire to eat something “Upporappa”, as Patti was feeding him some mild nonsense. As a teenager, the only thing I knew was Gongura Chutney was Upporappu. So I took him to Naidu Hall, expecting a fine repast of Andhra food. Thatha came out, laughing, half in tears, though I was mortified.

I feel the humiliation of that young Brahmin boy (me) is what has led Naidu Hall to this sorry pass, 40 years later.

I can predict the day when we all eat at Naidu Hall, wearing Saravana Bhavan underwear. The world is ever-changing.

Kadambari said...

Idu enna ma? Heh!

Asal Tamil Penn said...

@Avataram: Aiyyoo. Paavam thata. The Brahmin curse, you say? And yes, SB can get into everything. Someday they will take over our lives and minds.

@Kadambari: Exact aa enna solla varai?

Prabu said...


That article was written by Suderman
not our Tamizh Penn

Kadambari said...

I mean, when are you going to write stuff like - I am Naidu Hall and I wake up really early?