Monday, May 28, 2007


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There are many reasons why it is good to be Tamizh.

I shall do a series of posts on the same. My thatha had shared the most valuable piece of wisdom many years ago that, most things don’t make sense on an empty stomach. So always, start with the food.

Tamizh culture is not about obsessive hedonism or voyeurism. We are allegedly simple people. Naturally it would follow that our food will be simple too. Easy to prepare. Easy to digest. Minimum use of adjuncts. And pristine white. Take the thayir saadam, idli, dosai, pongal, mor kozhambu, paal payaasam, etc. They are mildly flavored. Requires minimum effort to eat them. And the texture is amenable for anyone between the ages of 2 to 85 to eat. Pretty much like the people here. Minimum fuss and maximum gratification.

Idli is my favorite. It is healthy. It is filling. It is versatile. And it can be had even if it is stale. And it is whiter than what Tide detergent can give me. What Fair and Lovely cream promises. It is even whiter than Asin’s skin. That is why, we love the Idli. It is best with Mulaga Podi, the brownish-red and white combination is a killer. Just like the Surya and Asin jodi.

They should declare idli the national food. They should serve people idli on all national holidays. They should make it mandatory for everyone to eat one Idli a day. They should use that as a positioning platform for the – Incredible Tamilnadu campaign.

Sunday,Monday ennikuvum
Idli tevai elorkkum

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First time here. Going through your old posts. You got an amazing blog....just love your blog. I am adding you to my reader. Can I ? :)

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