Monday, June 4, 2007

In an Auto in Madras

Why do Tamizh boys fight so much? With each other? With Non Tamizh boys? With Tamizh girls?

Can somebody shed more light on this subject?

Anyway, in a few hours, I shall embark on my transition from student to worldly working woman. I am excited, nervous and without a helmet. So I will need to take an auto today.

But unlike most people, I love the autos in Madras. No problems there. I always have always had visions of a Rajni like auto-driver, who will not just take me from point A to point B, but will do so:
… in a super-fast manner
… hit some of those moronic Ford Ikon drivers on the road
… ensure that 29C doesn’t run over me
… and most importantly protect me from the wicked world that is floating around and just waiting to get me

The safest place to be in Madras, is inside an auto.

Back to work, if I survive, and don’t become one of them, I will be back with more accounts.

Yes, including my meetings with Iyengaar boys. One hopes they are more peace loving though.

I recommend that all Tamizh boys be given one week of free admission into the – Auto Payyans School of Fine Etiquette.


Toxi said...

Good luck, my dear girl! :)

Anusha said...

I recommend that all Tamizh boys be given one week of free admission into the – Auto Payyans School of Fine Etiquette.
Heh. Good plan.

And I see the pent up angst against 29C remains! :D

The Piker said...

Nice blog you have here.
I always thought autokaarans are nice people apart from fleecing you of your hard earned money.
Yes, they are also the most informed of rising petrol prices even if their engines are powered by LPG.

Now, all this doesn't make them nice people. Oh well!

And yes, Tamizh Iyer payyans are actually nice people. Well some of them. Especially the Bharathwaja Gothram ones :)

rebel said...

Good luck for your new job. And do men really fight a lot? that too with women? Hmmmm... not that i know of...

Kripa said...

Since you came so recommended, I had to check your Blog. And I love it! Very fluid prose.

Anonymous said...

you are sick. i think u need some help

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Good blog, write more :)


Asal Tamil Penn said...

@Anusha: It is not angst ma. It is about the helplessness that being groped leaves you with. Makes sense?

Comrade Fidel Auto said...

The perceived notion that chennai autokarans are evil money grabbing demons is an insidious fabrication by the immoral, materialistic and kanjapisnaari middleclass who would rather waste 120 rs watching stupid movies at satyam while paying a ridiculous pittance to the brave man who drives them there in a yellow three-wheeled pushpakavimaanam.

It is a capitalist plot to paint those gallant men in poor light and subvert their basic need to live above slum-level existence. So I say, fie upon those who earn 100000 rs as salary and crib about the 30 rs extra the autokaaran demands. Romba pesiteno?

Asal Tamil Penn said...

@Fidel Auto: Brilliant!

anantha said...

Comrade Fidel Auto: Brilliant Saar, Brilliant!

Anonymous said...

I too am with Autokkarans (I insist on the extra 'k') on this one.
Not sure if the disapproving makkal are complicit in the capitalistic plot, but they are being irrational -- albeit, a quality I've always admired unreservedly -- in their kanjapisnaarithanam.