Tuesday, June 19, 2007


It’s been a busy last few days. One in which I have had to let go of a number of strong and well entrenched beliefs of mine.

After years of resisting, I finally got a cell-phone. I don’t need one and I don’t want one. But people around me, have felt the need that I have one. I already find it stifling. I am not sure, why I need one? I neither have boys to talk to or an important job and amma is anyway the most efficient alarm clock one can have. My fear is, I will get too attached to it.

Anyway, I chose the Tata Indicom service – as it is cheap, it works even inside the elevator and has Trisha as their brand ambassador. I don’t like Trisha, but at least, she is Tamizh and a Penn.

We harnessed the mobility aspect of the phone splendidly this weekend when T Anna as always made his once a week call on Sunday.

Usually the conversation goes on for a little over half an hour, with all of us trying to out-shout the other into the speaker phone. S and I are completely forbidden to go anywhere when T Anna calls. Amma holds fort and does most of the talking. Appa grunts in the background. S and I usually oscillate between a desire to violently shake up T Anna to a surge of sisterly affection.

Our conversations are very boring. And they always leave a lot of ends hanging that the family must discuss once the call is over. Amma and appa survive the week on the bits and pieces that they catch over that thirty minutes.

The conversations are very VERY predictable. For the first ten minutes, T Anna will tell us, how sad his life is. How he is struggling. How it is so tough to cope. How he needs to cook, clean, work, be stuck with his married friends and so forth.

When amma gets a little anxious, and is ready to volunteer to come and cook for him (it is her fear that I and S will turn completely wild in her absence that stops her. Sometimes amma gives us way too much credit), he will quickly change tracks. Suddenly he is talking about the good life that the land of opportunity gives him. Where people do fun activities like go of on road trips, attend a Ganesh and Kumaresh concert, travel to another state to meet the visiting parents of a batch-mate with whom one had barely interacted with, just to eat some real sambhar for a change and so forth. I am very happy here, he will gush. You must all come here, especially you and S, he adds cheerily.

I am not sure, what is more tedious? His whiney, I am suffering bachelorhood in alien country or the look at my shiny-sparkly life?

I feel a little sad for amma and appa, he does not seem very enthused to invite them over to the US. While appa is very loyal to T Nagar, he would like to go there just like his brothers and friends have done. He also wants to go there and spend time in a nice library. Amma would love to go too. So that she can network with other maamis around and find T Anna a bride there itself.

Of course, he loves us. How can he not? He even sends gifts for amma and appa very often. Things like a plastic box that has many compartments. The many compartments are coded as Monday through Sunday and also have the different day parts written on the cover. This so that one can keep all the medicines inside them. He also sent a Blood Pressure monitoring machine. One that amma conveniently chooses to take at face value or ignore depending on the reading. He also sends the strips to monitor blood glucose levels.

So of course, he loves amma and appa. He is concerned about the fact that they are ageing and their health is becoming frail. It is slightly macabre, but we don’t know how to show our love any other way.

Anyway this weekend, T Anna called me on my new phone. We had gone to see a sample flat of the property that he wishes to invest in. He wanted me to describe everything about the house. With amma, appa and S prompting me in the background it was tiresome. T Anna had a number of requirements that the house managed to fulfill:
- At least one squat style Indian toilet
- A separate pujai area
- The study needed to be West facing, just like in our T Nagar house, as it would help the children to concentrate better (huh!)
- A separate service area so that the plates can be put there

Many more such obviously ridiculous requirements followed and after the house was declared ‘perfect’ by me on all accounts. We have booked it.

Amma thinks it is the cell-phone and my ability to talk into one which is the sole reason why T Anna will have a house in Madras now. And his promise to amma, that he shall return back to India in 2009 seems very real. It makes her very happy. I am happy too. As always, basking in the warmth of parental approval.

I just wish that T Anna will come back sooner than 2009. Because I don’t want him to tell amma and appa to move to his house as it is modern, so vaastu friendly and also because he can’t trust tenants who might indulge in non Tamizh activities.

The only choice is to find T Anna a bride. Who is in Madras. Preferably works with Hyundai. Is insanely happy with her job. Is pretty. Is bright in a non threatening way. Is non Bharadwaja Gothram.

What are the chances?


anantha said...

The only choice is to find T Anna a bride. Who is in Madras. Preferably works with Hyundai. Is insanely happy with her job. Is pretty. Is bright in a non threatening way. Is non Bharadwaja Gothram.

What's the common thread here - Hyundai, insanely happy, pretty, bright, non threatening.

Is there something that I am missing about bright, pretty Tamil gals who work for Hyundai?

Please let me know. Maybe I should go the T Anna way and add all that into my wish-list.

Anonymous said...

is the new flat is near sriperumbudur where the hyundai factory is...on the outskirts?..is that why u want a girl who works in Hyundai?

Toxi said...

Heh! :) Hiranandani must recruit you pa!

Anonymous said...

post ur phone number..hehe

Anonymous said...

Is pretty.

is T anna handsome?

P.S.: Nakkal kaga kekala. Genuine question. :)

Being anonymous because you don't know me and I don't have a blog. :)

Anusha said...

You should let me marry T Anna. Except for Hyundai, all others I will manage! :D

I said...

can I have confess, I have a huge crush on you?

Well Wisher said...

Please stay away from this murungakka fellow. I don't like him.

Anonymous said...

Shsshh everyone. Stop bothering ATP.

Vadula Brokerwala said...

Hmm, Bright and insanely happy. Sounds like T Anna is a perfect candidate for a girl from Vadula gotram.
If you look at the wikipedia defnintion and map your requirements:
Englightened - surely must mean bright.
Lashed by the wind to the point of insanity - covers the "insanely" part
God's madcap - surely they must always be happy. no?

Anonymous said...

I hate ppl investing in houses they have never seen. Its so pathetic

Your narration was interesting!

Anonymous said...

I was the one to originally have a crush on you. Get rid of everyone else.

Anonymous said...


Kadambari said...

Oh dear!!!!!!

Asal Tamil Penn said...

@Anantha: I have no clue. But Hyundai is close to the property that T Anna is investing in. The rest are all the average Tam-Brahm male fantasy. Correct daane?

@Anusha: You are perfect. Let me plant idea in amma's head! :)

@Murungakka: Right!

@Broker: None more enlightened than Bharadwaja, please don't suggest otherwise. Thanks.

anantha said...

The Hyundai idea, fair enough. But wouldn't he better off scoping different areas based on the gals that work around there? Isn't he handicapping himself by deciding on a area first and restricting himself to the female employees of the local company? And btw, how many gals work for Hyundai? It's not like it is CTS or TCS or even SCOPE or a call center.

The rest are all the average Tam-Brahm male fantasy. Correct daane?

Err.. I thought it was average male fantasy. Why restrict it to Tam Bram? I mean, guys usually want hot/pretty, insanely happy, bright and non threatening gals. They don't necessarily have to be Tam Bram for that.

Vendakkai said...

I don't like this Anantha fellow either. I only like myself.

anantha said...

vendakka: It does not matter whether you like me or not. I DO like you and that's all matters. ;)